MODELS ART VIENNA - see more for the model

Art Vienna furniture are painted on the warm brown wood base. Dominating motives are in gold and red tones with accents of orange, beige and black. Wardrobes, showcases, wine cupboards, coffee tables, kitchens, bedrooms, dressing tables and ...

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MODELS ART RHODES - see more for the model

The furniture in this series are painted on white base. Geometric elements in square, aged, with slight abrasion on the edges are on display. Although made of natural wood with a massive vision, these furniture stand elegantly and ...

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PAINTED FURNITURE ART MADRID - see more for the model

The painted furniture in this series are based on the dark brown color of the tree with the typical for Madrid series double top with metal corners for the top finishing of cabinets. All elements of hand-wrought iron fit perfectly to the overall retro vision of these furniture.

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PAINTED NURSERY - see more for the model

Cozy and cheerful children's room, designed and tailored to the young lady's favorite colors. White furniture with warm yellow walls. On some of the furniture doors we put a drawing of geometric motives written in a patchwork square.

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ORIENTAL MOTIVES - see more for the model

Stylish, eloquent, outstanding
Nostalgia to the old time and return to the roots. The furniture is made out of individual wood-linden wood. They are processed with BIO patina and hand-aged to enhance the authentic effect. The drawings are fully in line with our client's preferred interior style.

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АGING OF FURNITURE - see more for the model

The coziness and warmth of natural wood combined with any of the aging techniques create an interesting and slightly nostalgic interior. There are many methods for aging wood as using multicolored patinas, abrasion and pulling out the wood flake.

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   Nowadays, classical and modern design is getting more and more room for retro vision. The return to old styles is increasingly preferred both for holiday houses and villas, so for small apartments in the urban environment. The coziness and warmth of the natural wood, combined with interesting details in the furniture, the loosening of doors and edges, the use of different color patina for wood, from old gold to chocolate brown, painted porcelain handles or hand forged fittings, with well-selected accessories will deliver a non-standard, enigmatic and unique sound to your home. Kitchens, chests of drawers, showcases, coffee tables and dinner tables made in aged furniture style bring extraordinary coziness, unique atmosphere, emit strong presence in the past and stand heavy and dignified in modern times. We at ADARA offer custom tailored furniture made of natural solid wood and artificially aged with different techniques. For more authentic furniture look, we have developed a series of "Arbanassi" made of real old wood and specially processed. The technique of removing the wood flake is also very effective. We make it from white pine, removing the soft part of the tree, applying color then spraying tints, rubbing the top layer and then sealing it with finisher. Aged and art painted furniture is our specialty for you. Whether slightly aged or with more pronounced cracks and mallets, it is your choice and your desire the furniture looks like. Our ideas and suggestions for ethno motives are in wide range. But let's not forget that an irresistible retro impact is combination of furniture, wall colors, fabrics and cover materials, flooring, curtains, lighting and all the accessories and artifacts in our home. You kitchen, your bedroom, your living room or even the hallway can acquire a new and unusual vision with some of our aging techniques, so will bring a lot of beauty, coziness, exquisite taste and fascinating glamor to your home.

Art painted furniture

   I am often being asked why I paint? What a pleasure this brings to me? And I say it is a passion, emotion and love. Education, profession, favorite hobby, business, approach to different people and aesthetics, communication at another level. It is a difficult and responsible task to make a stranger happy and pleased, to recreate someone's favored and beloved universe. The painted furniture – one conscious and desired gift to you, a significant part of myself, filled with love and charging energy! I love geometric motives because they are the basis of all ethnic decorations. Circle, square, line, dots, wavy pattern, star, rectangle - all are inherent in our Chiprovtzy village carpets as well. All colors are natural, genuine, coming from mother Earth, and bearing deep emotions. My favorite drawer cabinet is the first one timid experience ten years ago, wanting audience and recognition but bold to express and appreciate! This one stayed with me, in my living room, on a background of old bricks, as memorial of those days, but entered the catalog of ADARA, moved fixed layers, and gave direction to development, an empty niche in furniture production and design. This very favorite drawer cabinet right in front of me, bearing so much from my personality and my life philosophy! A square, a golden circle of sun and a flower, standing on a warm brown base, with red, gold and black lines, spiral, cross, leaves and dots – one real life. There followed a series of painted furniture and all ideas came from you, from your desires and dreams. I went through the paintings of different ethnic cultures - Indian, Japanese, Arabic, South American and African and everything came from you, my clients and from my curiosity and love to the unknown and the different. I walked around the world and met genuine beauty and harmony for which I thank you my clients, and I appreciate you who chose ADARA's painted furniture for their everyday life and aesthetics!

Yordanka Petrova