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Custom-made furniture Sofia from Adara furniture salon

Custom-made furniture Sofia from Adara furniture salon - мебели от масив София

Custom-made furniture Sofia from Adara furniture salon

Do you want to break stereotypes and are you looking for unique furniture? Did you know that custom furniture is the perfect solution?

There is no point in denying it - everyone has a different idea of their “ideal home”. Some dream of a cozy space in which functionality and aesthetics are combined. And others prefer non-standard solutions such as aged or painted furniture.

Unfortunately, most stores in the market stick to mass production as a more budget-friendly and affordable option. They could hardly match your wishes and combine the unique handwriting you are looking for.

What is the alternative?

We at Adara furniture salon know that sometimes it is difficult to recreate your dreams in reality. You can find a variety of models, colors and styles on the market, but they don’t always meet your needs.

That’s why we decided to offer custom-made furniture in the city of Sofia and the country. Our goal is to help you create a different world. A world where beauty and harmony reign.

Custom design furniture is suitable for anyone who wants to see their ideas realized in the best possible way. Custom furniture Sofia

Why choose our custom furniture?

Many manufacturers take advantage of the term “custom furniture” and offer standardized solutions, making it possible to change only the color and type of material. Thus, customers get the opportunity to make a very small change to suit their taste.

We at Adara furniture salon do NOT work with standardized designs and solutions. We are guided by your ideas and the features of your space. It doesn’t matter if you dream of your furniture having a retro look or having beautiful drawings. Custom furniture

Individual design furniture offers you:
  • Visualization of your wishes - thanks to the specialized software we use, you can see how the furniture will look in the space.
  • Ability to make changes – in the initial design stage, you have the ability to make changes until you get the look you’re looking for.
  • Better quality – it depends on you what materials you will choose and what their quality will be. As professionals, we recommend you go for natural wood because of its strength, durability and longevity.
  • Unique vision – every piece of furniture will reflect your individuality and idea of beauty and style.
  • Functionality  - the furniture will be made to solve a specific problem or meet your needs.

And how do you imagine your home? Don’t wait for tomorrow to change your life! Contact us by email: or phone: +359 877 66 55 68.