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Serial production or custom furniture in the city of Sofia? This is one of the questions you ask us most often. The truth is simple – the right furniture can completely transform any space. It not only changes the appearance, but also gives it coziness, warmth and a lot of life. It creates a place that you can be proud to call home and enjoy every moment spent there. If you are hesitating which way to go, this article is just for you! In it, we at Adara will introduce you to the advice of specialists and help you make the best decision.

What do we recommend?

More than once we have heard statements like: “Custom furniture is not worth the high price.” or “The finished furniture is strong enough”. To properly answer these statements, we need to look at both types of furniture. First of all – most furniture offered in retail chains is serial production. This means that each product is manufactured to a predetermined standard. The same materials, colors and technologies are used for its production. Even if you have the option to choose between 2 or 3 colors, you cannot make large-scale changes such as choosing better quality materials or changing the configuration of cabinets and shelves. In the second place - most manufacturers rely on medium-priced consumables such as MDF and chipboard. While they look great, they can’t always offer the functionality, strength, durability and safety you’re looking for. In contrast, custom-made furniture in the city of Sofia was created with you in mind. It not only meets your requirements, but is created according to your space. It doesn’t matter if your rooms are of standard shape and size or have columns, niches or bevels. You have the freedom to see even your wildest dreams come true. Our specialists can help you by combining your ideas and wishes with the features of the premises and the latest interior trends. It is up to you whether you will trust us completely or actively participate in the whole process by choosing the style, color, textures and details.

Did you know that…?

In the past, people did not have much opportunity to furnish their houses. In the Middle Ages, they either had to handle this task themselves or trust a carpenter. And in the 18th century, the only possibility of obtaining sofas, tables, chairs and other furniture was the individual order. As the industrial age progressed, so did the first factories and production lines producing furniture pieces for the mass market. In some enterprises, the materials were processed in order to prepare them for the master furniture makers, and in others, the serial production known today was born. And while many people prefer to go to the store and just buy the new furniture, custom furniture has a unique character. They are a wonderful solution for anyone who is not ready to compromise on the comfort, style, quality or look of their furniture. And here you can tell us: “You’re forgetting the price difference!” and to some extent you are right. Yes, there is indeed a price difference between stock products and custom furniture. So that you can make the right decision, in the next part of the article we will make a detailed comparison between the two types of furniture.