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Why do we recommend custom furniture? – part 2

Why do we recommend custom furniture? – part 2 - мебели от масив София

Why do we recommend custom furniture? – part 2

You don’t have to give up on your dreams anymore! Furniture to order in the city of Sofia can offer you a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, materials, colors and details. But is this type of furniture right for you? In the front part of the article, we pointed out the features of ready-made and custom-made decoration. Today we will continue the topic by making a comparison between them.

What exactly is the difference?

Creating your new reality is an exciting endeavor. Therefore, in order to make the right choice, it is important to know what to pay attention to.

Cost vs. Value.

Most ready-made furniture is more affordable than custom furniture. This is completely normal, considering the way they are manufactured. But do they have the same value?

Making custom furniture is a carefully considered process. It starts with a meeting with the client and familiarization with his home, worldview, desires and ideas. Next is the determination of the dimensions, shapes, necessary functionalities, materials, fabrics, details and decorations.

Therefore, we can say that with them, two separate products would hardly be alike. After the approval of the project, it goes to the production. The selected raw material is processed manually by craftsmen with many years of experience in the industry. All this affects the final price of the ordered furniture.

On the other hand, finished products are mass produced. The materials are bought in bulk, the designs are similar. For this reason, their price is also low.

A peculiarity is that many manufacturers do not rely on the testing and inspection of every single item. This often results in a lower quality of the output leaving the factory.

What can we conclude?

Custom furniture is the better choice because you have the opportunity to choose quality solid wood that stands out for its strength and reliability. They will stay with you for many years, which justifies their price and makes them a profitable investment.


Although you can find good quality ready-made furniture, in most cases this is not the case. The reason is that in factories, most processes are automated and employees only control the process. There is a high probability that the production line will be left unattended and deviations and errors will occur in the final product. Of course, this affects the quality of the furniture.

With custom-made furniture, a craftsman is responsible for every step of the process. His role is not just to implement the project, but to monitor the quality. The combination of high-quality wood and qualified employees, you get the best end product.

We can conclude that custom furniture can offer you quality that matches the money invested.

Adaptability to space.

Mass production is simple - the manufacturer makes the units of one product according to the same design and standard size. If you have rooms with an unusual or irregular shape, ordinary furniture may not fit in the best way. In this case, you cannot order the furniture you like in different sizes.

Custom furniture is made to fit the space you have, not the other way around! They can easily adapt to every corner of your home. You can choose the desk to be higher or lower than the standards, the sofa to be shorter or to be adapted to a special space.

This is an advantage that is particularly useful when furnishing offices, restaurants, hotels and public places.


Every household has different needs and lifestyles. For example, someone needs a kitchen with more cabinets and shelves to be able to store all the cooking utensils and ingredients. Families with children try to create a unique atmosphere that combines a place to sleep, play and study. Custom-made furniture can meet all these and other requirements.

In contrast, with mass production, everything depends on the model and its design. You get exactly what you paid for.


As we’ve already mentioned, with custom furniture you know what you’re getting from start to finish. You are free to choose what you want. The raw materials are of high quality, and the production supervision is guaranteed, as well as its quality. This, in turn, makes them much more durable than other options.

In mass production, it is impossible to choose the type of materials. Proof of this is that after only one or two years of operation, these products begin to amotize and create problems. For example, creaky doors, hinge problem, scratched surface, etc.

This will conclude this article. We hope the information was useful to you. Contact Adara professionals on phone: +359 877 66 55 68 if you want to order your furniture to order in the city of Sofia.