For every family the kitchen is among the most important and attractive rooms in the home. Every housewife wants not only her kitchen to be beautiful one, but above all to be comfortable, multi functional, with built-in appliances, cabinets with pulling mechanisms to absorb deaf angular spaces, as well as pulling baskets and columns. In modern dwellings kitchen furniture is already part of the living room and our task is to be in harmony with the entire interior of the room, not only in colour but also as a style. Custom tailored furniture are individual one and bring uniqueness and coziness to every home.
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  The bedroom is the most private space in our home and if the other rooms are used by everyone and should be tailored to the needs of the whole family, the bedroom is one and only for you and it should meet your wishes and requirements only. Here is the moment to unleash your imagination and show your unique personal taste and choice. So, not to mention, it is a good idea to let you have an advice on behalf a professional, so you to be well-pleased from your space for rest. The comfort comes not only from the bed itself, but also from the materials and colors of the overall design.
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living room

  The living room, the day living space in general are all very important rooms in our home. This is the place where we spend most of our free time with our loved ones. Provides relaxation after a long day of work, a space for reading a book, watching TV, playing games, calling and welcoming guests. Therefore, living room and living room furniture should not only be beautiful and stylish, but also functional, comfortable and practical. Low cabinets for TVs, showcases, cabinets, chests of drawers, corner glass windows, libraries, coffee tables, disc cabinets and music sets - all serve us not only by decorating our home but by bringing order, convenience and practicality.
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hotel furniture

  Hotel furniture includes obligatory items such as beds, single, double or king size, or a bedroom with a canopy, a wardrobe, a dressing table, a bedside table, a briefcase, a mini cabinet. We of ADARA furniture saloon offer complete furnishing of hotel rooms, lobby bar, restaurant, reception, spa lounge in different style and design from elegant classic to old furniture in retro style or rustic. Preferably, hotel furniture is made from durable, weather-resistant and easy-to-use materials. Often we also make a combination of veneered panels and solid wood for a better price.
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   ADARA-M designs and manufactures solid wood furniture.

   ADARA Furniture Salon offers you:
   • natural monolithic wood block / massif;
   • unique rustic design;
   • custom tailored space solutions designed for you only.

   ADARA-M designs and manufactures furniture from solid monolithic wood for complete furnishing of residential and public space.
   ADARA furniture has been on the Bulgarian market since 2002 and up to date bear the symbol of high quality and unique design in the furnishing of houses and hotels in authentic Bulgarian style.
   We use different types of wood, so for the ancient vision we suggest white pine, lime and poplar as very suitable. We combine the natural wood with wrought iron hardware and wood aging. For classic furniture we offer materials such as beech, oak and walnut. Our priority is kitchen furniture, bedroom, nursery, cabinet, dining room, living room and entrance hall, as well as attic rooms, wine cellars studios and restaurants. The wide variety of cupboards, showcases, chests of drawers, wardrobes, wooden beds, radiator grilles, benches, massive couch sofas will make your home cozy, attractive and appealing.
   We work completely on individual projects, considering the size of the object we work on and the preferences our clients do have.
   Our basic principle is to get the best value for money.
   • We consult you about the most suitable wood, the colour range of the painting and, on customer's request, we add special finishing effects. Our new offer is golden patina finishing - very elegant and stylish combination for exquisite taste. Another type of treatment is aging and hand-painting furniture. The complete outlook our products do have is achieved with wrought iron details that contribute to this unique style.
   • we project and design furniture and complete furniture set according to your requirements
   • Production, delivery to home and furniture assembling are guaranteed within the agreed time.
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