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VISITING DENI'S HOME - мебели по поръчка София

Visiting Deni's Home

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    An exceptionally charming lady with bold choices trusted us to recreate her vision of the ideal home.

    We crafted the kitchen from solid linden wood, combining two wood treatment techniques. The door frames are treated with aged paint using brushes, while the shelves are stained wood. Even within a single color range, the shapes are emphasized. Finally, for a touch of luxury, hand-painted decorative elements express individuality.

    The kitchen features two levels due to architectural reasons, with built-in appliances and a technical stone countertop.

    From there, we move to the living room. A cleaner, more modern design using the same wood material as the kitchen, with a slight decorative nod to the hand painting.

    The bedroom combines solid white pine with wrought iron. We have small wardrobes and chest of drawers. The situation allowed us to replace traditional wardrobes with smaller cabinets.

    The warmth and coziness provided by natural materials are irreplaceable sensations.

    This is Deni’s place, romantic and beautiful.

    Thank you for your trust.