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Custom tailored kitchen from solid wood For every family the kitchen is among the most important and attractive rooms in the home. Every housewife wants not only her kitchen to be beautiful one, but above all to be comfortable, multi functional, with built-in appliances, cabinets with pulling mechanisms to absorb deaf angular spaces, as well as pvulling baskets and columns. In modern dwellings kitchen furniture is already part of the living room and our task is to be in harmony with the entire interior of the room, not only in colour but also as a style. Custom tailored furniture are individual one and bring uniqueness and coziness to every home. For this purpose we offer a lot of ideas, we design an individual project, visualize and realize your desires to make them reality. Modern kitchen interior - this is the purpose of ADARA furniture salon whether for a house, villa or apartment. We offer a wide range of colours, solid wood, and various wood aging techniques that will bring a very warm atmosphere to your home. Colour selection is very important, matching the tones of walls, flooring, curtains, lighting fixtures and accessories. For every comfortable kitchen, adjusted and cozy, the working triangle sink, stove and refrigerator are of really great importance. It is very good to choose the sink area in the kitchen to be accessible, comfortable and with good light. Correctly selected sinks in size are an option in which the working kitchen table becomes spacious and facilitates the hostess. An important feature for functional kitchens is the choice of kitchen cabinets, whether they are large and contain many things that are still needed or are divided into smaller spaces. We, the furniture team ADARA, recommend to our clients tailor made cabinets according to their purpose. Our experience shows that good hosts especially prefer cabinets with many drawers. Tall cabinets with shelves inside are recommended in small kitchens to absorb the whole space. A very important element in the project itself and design of the kitchen is the kitchen counter. We at ADARA offer several options for working counters. More and more often, our customers prefer the thermos-top counter, a kitchen desktop of technical stone with rich color range. For connoisseurs of real wood we offer kitchen countertops made of oak and walnut, processed and sealed with high quality bio oils for wood. For large and spacious kitchens, a kitchen island can also be provided, conveniently located in front of the kitchen, separating and differentiating kitchen sectors. Another important element in the kitchen is the hood and the entire ventilation system. For kitchens in rustic style we from ADARA furniture salon recommend free-standing cooker hoods whose wooden lining we process extra according to the kitchen colour. Our task is to make you a modern, functional and beautiful kitchen to provide you with the coziness and luxury that every home needs.

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