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The bedroom is the most private space in our home and if the other rooms are used by everyone and should be tailored to the needs of the whole family, the bedroom is one and only for you and it should meet your wishes and requirements only. Here is the moment to unleash your imagination and show your unique personal taste and choice. So, not to mention, it is a good idea to let you have an advice on behalf a professional, so you to be well-pleased from your space for rest. The comfort comes not only from the bed itself, but also from the materials and colors of the overall design. The notion of coziness of everyone is different, and everyone has different needs to achieve a healthy and fulfilling sleep. ADARA’s team is ready to both advise you and fulfill all your wishes. We can make you a modern and functional bedroom with a chest under the mattress and a lifting mechanism or with four drawers to absorb the space under the bed. The classical bedroom according to Feng Shui principles must be separated from the floor so that the air can circulate freely underneath it and throughout the room. We produce both large sized bedrooms and small bedrooms, so we can give you clear and specific suggestion for color, tone and functionality of your room. Color solutions are many, both for single-color bedrooms and in combination with more colors. At the customer’s request, we put painted trays in the bed, wrought-iron panels, mats or various wooden elements giving character to one unique bedroom. We use different techniques for aging of natural wood when choosing a rustic bedroom, or retro style or antique style, so up-to-date and modern now a days. The wardrobe is an integral part of every bedroom interior, unless you have a separate room - wardrobe for clothes, shoes, blankets, bed covers and more. Custom wardrobes are tailored made to your size and can be either single and multi-layered, with internal or external drawers, superstructures, mirrors and interior lighting, sliding doors equipped with pull-out trouser and tie mechanisms, pulling board ironing and all the wardrobe and bedroom accessories that the market offers. ADARA also has its own production facilities and guarantees quality and realistic delivery terms. We recommend to you selection of natural materials for making the bedroom furniture not only because of the warmth and coziness of the solid wood, but because of its durability and stability over time, so because of the quality storage of your clothes. With all the years of experience in furnishing ADARA offers you: • On-site consultation and 3D design of your living space. • Making furniture in all sizes, tailored to your room and requirements. • Made of high quality solid wood furniture such as walnut, oak, beech, lime and white pine. • Color shades variability with paints and varnishes or treatment with environmentally friendly biomass. • Use of colored lacquer coatings that can produce interesting solutions. • Some of the techniques for aging wood for a rustic or vintage style can also be applied. • Partnership with all mattress companies and everything needed for your complete rest. • Delivery and installation of all items. • Guarantee for quality and style of furniture for your home.

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