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Interior design and basic concept Only the furniture itself in your home can not make it the perfect place to live, so ADARA furniture saloon is ready to help you with interesting and unusual proposals by designing a complete interior and visualization for your living space. You need a home change, you started a repair or you are settling in a new home, then our ideas will be valuable to you. We will take in consideration your home situation such as quadrature, layout and lighting, consulting you about proper curtains fitting to the interior, window blinds, lighting fixtures, built-in lighting, unusual and fresh colors, interesting and corresponding to the home space, beautiful wall paintings, pictures or accessories placed on shelves of interesting shape and adding to the interior other small details so your home will become a cozy and peaceful place to live. Harmonious blending of the colour of walls, flooring, curtains, upholstery fabrics, chairs, cabinets, dressers and showcases, choosing the right model of furniture and arranging them in space is not always easy for our clients. The interior design and visualization provide a clear view of the room where the customer can reject something or insert other additions to the interior until we have the desired home. We advise our customers before ordering furniture, being fully aware of the space available, the illumination of the dwelling, where to locate the best furniture and which materials are best suited for their production. Because of the limited living space, we often have to dig up small spaces from the living room for working areas, placing desktops or working tables. For the workplace to be comfortable, it has to be calm and in harmony with the rest of the interior, so to be functional, designed with the necessary accessories such as shelves and drawers. An aging desktop can be greatly accented as an accent in a modern setting. We, ADARA furniture makers, offer you our long experience in design, manufacturing and assembling furniture for home, office, hotel, wine cellar, villas, spa and eco complexes, working with high quality solid wood such as beech, oak and walnut.

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