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How to choose suitable furniture for your home?

How to choose suitable furniture for your home? - мебели от масив София

How to choose suitable furniture for your home?

Renovating, furnishing and decorating your home is an amazing experience that comes with a lot of excitement and stress. We are sure that you too have imagined your dream home more than once and come up with thousands of great ideas.

Unfortunately, not all can fit the space you have. Therefore, the secret of success lies in planning.

Hesitating whether to start with choosing a style or buying furniture? In this article, we at Adara will introduce you to the advice of the experts. With their help, you will adapt your needs and desires to your lifestyle.

What is important to know?

We have often met people who can’t wait to transform their home. Their dreams are so vivid that at the first convenient opportunity, they go shopping without having chosen a specific style, color scheme or concept. As a result, they make impulse purchases that turn out to be inappropriate for their space. For example – the sofa is too big for the living room and takes away from the storage space, the wardrobe does not fit with the rest of the furniture and others.

These are common situations that can be easily resolved when you’re not in a rush to shop. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating a new or an old home. We advise you to take a breath and look around your space. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the maximum budget we will have?
  • What don’t I like about the interior now?
  • What do I want to change?
  • What exactly does my family need?
  • What colors do I want to go for?
  • What interior style do I prefer?
  • What are the furniture I want to live with?
  • Is the quality of the furniture important to me?

Their answers will point you in the right direction and give you a solid foundation on which to build a detailed design of each of the rooms.

How to choose suitable furniture?

The first step is to define your style. Think about what suits your personality and lifestyle. Maybe you dream of waking up every morning on the shores of the Mediterranean and feeling the sea breeze. Or you like to feel the closeness of nature and want to invite it into your home. Or maybe you are a connoisseur of the unique and prefer aged or painted furniture.

Our advice is not to choose current trends just because they are fashionable at the moment. Take into account that this is a big investment and you will live in this interior for many years. If you do not make the right choice, you will be disappointed and will not feel good in your own space. Therefore, to choose the style, be guided only by what inspires you and makes you feel happy.

The second step is to carefully analyze your need for functionality. A common mistake is to bet on the beautiful vision at the expense of practicality and convenience. Another – to follow generally accepted norms, for example, to have a sofa and a TV in the living room.
Think about how you use your house. If you always eat in the kitchen, you don’t need to have a separate dining area in your living room. Think carefully about which areas you do exactly what, and based on that, adapt your interior to your lifestyle.

The third step is to pay attention to scale and proportions. Measure each room and record the measurements.

It is vital to find suitable furniture for these dimensions and proportions of the space, rather than fitting it according to the furniture.
This is where the planning begins. If you want to visualize your ideas, we recommend you contact a designer to prepare a 3D project.

The fourth step is to choose the type, textures and colors of the furniture.

Our advice is to bet on the better quality of solid wood furniture. Unlike chipboard and MDF, it is a natural material that stands out for its quality, resistance and strength.

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