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Top trends in 2023 in custom furniture – part 2

Top trends in 2023 in custom furniture – part 2 - мебели от масив София

Top trends in 2023 in custom furniture – part 2

Do you hesitate whether custom-made furniture in the city of Sofia is suitable for your home? Are you looking for inspiration and don’t know which style is best for your space? Don’t give up on your dream of a beautiful interior and comfortable furniture! In the front part of the article, we at ADARA furniture presented you some of the most current trends in the new season. Today we continue the topic with more interesting and functional solutions that custom furniture can offer you.

Trends are constantly changing. Although minimalism was very popular in the previous years, today it is slowly giving way to other styles. People are no longer attracted to the simple look and instead want to express their creativity by mixing and matching styles, colors and designs. Unique spaces - this is the motto of summer 2023. In addition, we at Adara furniture guarantee you that with custom-made furniture you can get the quality and functionality you are looking for. Tables, shelves, wardrobes and more… Don’t be afraid to mix your world and share your ideas with us. We are ready to implement your projects and add a lot of luxury and uniqueness to your furniture.

Ordering furniture is not at all as difficult as you might think. If you haven’t set your sights on a certain style, new trends will help you find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Biophilic design.

Over the past year, the focus has shifted from man-made materials to products made from natural wood, wool, stone and ceramic. They have rekindled interest not only in crafts, but also in a home that is not dominated by synthetic materials and virtual reality. Back to the roots. To the natural world and nature. This is at the core of biophilic design. It takes us very far from the familiar interior design, because it emphasizes the aspects outside the walls that we inhabit. It is related to human health, productivity and the need for a peaceful and beautiful environment in which to connect with nature and our roots. More and more designers and Bulgaria are recommending natural materials as an ideal solution to create a connection with the environment. They offer a multisensory experience, they give us something unfathomable that can coincide with our rhythm of life. Often the least processed materials provoke the most profound reactions. Therefore, we can say that trends point us towards materials such as solid wood, which is the basis of quality custom-made furniture.

Sustainable materials.

Perhaps you will not be surprised, but many consumers are already fed up with low-quality mass-produced furniture that is easily damaged. Therefore, this year, the search for a sustainable alternative that is worth the investment comes to the fore. That is why many experts predict that in the coming years more and more consumers will move away from mass production. And they will invest in designs that will stand the test of time.

The 70s are back!

Retro style has always been an inspiration for many designers, but in 2023, 70s fashion is back! This nostalgic trip gives you the opportunity to pull out the old tapes and add to the modern furniture elements and motifs that you once loved, because with new trends you can relive the past! These were just the most interesting trends you can find in custom furniture. Remember that the Adara team is always ready to help you completely transform your home and lifestyle. Contact us by phone: +359 877 66 55 68 and we will help with a professional consultation.