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APARTMENT IN SOFIA - мебели по поръчка София

Apartment in Sofia

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    Our task was to furnish a renovated apartment in an old Sofia apartment building. The high ceilings gave the apartment a lot of light and space, so this helped for the overall vision of the dwelling.

    The elegant Mediterranean style was transferred to the apartment in Sofia according to the customer’s request. The apartment has a kitchen, a large living room, an entrance hall and two bedrooms. Light, spacious and very white on the spectacular massive furniture.

    The lobby is designed in classic style with warm wall colors and dark furniture in addition to the entire interior. The furniture is functional and stylish. The shoe cabinet is an elegant and comfortable dresser with mirror. The comfortable hanger once used to decorate the radiator effectively complements the overall vision now and completes the entrance.

    Modern and functional kitchen is designed in rustic style. White and spacious with built-in retro-style appliances. The furniture is custom tailored, made of solid wood (linden) with finish cover of white mordant adding elegance to the kitchen. The working top is made of solid oak with finishing cover of oil.

    Every single piece is provided to its own place so that cleanliness and shipshape are on display.

    The walls and floor in the kitchen are lined with spectacular tiles with decorative frieze, which fit perfectly to the idea of the house. One of the strongest accents in this room is the hand-painted wine cabinet that gives a wonderful breath of the past transcended by the most effective way to the future.

    The blue bedroom is furnished with a ‘Provanza’ series of bedroom set. All furniture are made of solid linden wood, designed in white color, typical for Mediterranean style.

    The bed is large and comfortable, a bedside chest set in front of it for convenient storage of bed covers. The four section tailor-made wardrobe has an adapted interior layout and enough space for all accessories, provides comfortable use. The door mirrors add an extra space to the room. There is also a cozy corner for makeup with elegant dressing table and mirror in white color.

    Blue walls in combination with red bricks in the niche contribute to the elegant and complete bedroom outlook.

    The guest bedroom is decorated in warm orange color on the walls with discreet lighting, giving the warmth and coziness of the room. White EROS series furniture contrasts to the walls. Because the room is smaller one the bedroom has been made of solid wood with size 140/200 cm. with finish white cover mordant that allows the wood flanker to be transparent under the mordant cover and give the soft warm furniture hue. The triple wardrobe has a useful internal layout on customer’s request.

    The cozy atmosphere of this home one feels most in the bright and spacious living room. The classic living room furnishing in white color fits elegantly to the blue green walls. The warmth of the red bricks in the niche stands out in combination with the modern wall paint.